**No cage rental is    to be    used for    lessons or teams**

Batting Cages


Regular batting cages. You can either use the pitching machines or set up stations, it's your cage... no worries about being paired up with an older or younger girl here.

$25 / 30 minutes

$50 / 60 minutes

*limit 2 hitters*

Pitching Cage


Bring your own catcher or we can find one for you if mom or dad doesnt feel like sitting on the bucket. You are also welcome to bring your own pitching coach if you use someone from outside of Softball Central. (let them know we require less than the other local facilities to teach here)

$25 / 30 minutes 

$50 / 60 minutes


Wide open fielding area to use how you see fit.  Our 17ft high ceilings make it a perfect place to work on pop fly's.  The open area also works great as a large area for group pitching or helping your catcher get that throw from home to 2nd down.  Or you can bring the entire team and work on grounders and infield drills.

$75 / 60 minutes 

Adult teams only with prior approval

No baseball allowed