Softball Central has long been a dream for owners Kevin & Missy Hufford. A place where the female athlete comes first!
  (No baseball here)


Our Goals 


  • To help softball players of all ages and skill levels reach their potential

  • To help educate and empower parents of younger players 

  • To provide a place where the girls can work hard, play hard, and have fun

  • To be a better option while being a less expesive one

Located on Broadway, West of Harlem Rd.

 In the Buffalo Business Park

Rental Hours are as follow

Summer                               Winter

                                  M, W & Thurs  2pm-9pm     M-F  3pm-9pm

                                  Tuesday 9am-8pm               Sat   9am-8pm

                                  Friday 9am- 4pm                 Sun  9am-12pm 


*Hours may change on demand*

Check rental tab for hours


Credit cards accepted at the facility for Kevin only.

(cash or check preferred to avoid fees)


Please call with any scheduling problems or questions.

                        Hufford Family  - Kevin, Erin, Bridget & Missy

Phone number: 716-322-7771

Email: kevin@softballcentral.org

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Gift Certificates

 Available in any amount at Softball Central